For foreigner / 外国人の方へご案内

About the class


① 2 kinds of bread will be baked in each class. (1-2 kinds of pastries) 

② The price is about 4,500 yen to 5,500 yen. Max. 3 persons.

③ Basically, the class is held on Thursdays and Fridays. Weekends are by request.

④ Click here for the menu (in Japanese)

⑤ What to bring

Apron, towel to wipe your hands, file folder  to put the recipe in

⑥ There are three ways to make reservations and inquire.

★ mail:
★ LINE:here
★ Instagram:here

For those who wish to take a lesson in sourdough bread


・You will bake 2 kinds of breads each time.

・Sourdough bread takes longer to ferment. Since the waiting time is longer, dry yeast bread is baked in the meantime.

・Sourdough bread is baked at home, after preparing the dough together in the classroom. Bring a food container to take the dough home. (about 1-1.5L).

・We will use Hoshino natural yeast, which is a yeast of Japanese origin. Unlike most natural yeast, it can bake bread in as little as 2 days after the yeast is created.

・If you want me to share the yeast, please let us know at least two days before the lesson. And please bring a jar.

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